Canonical Has Released Snapcraft 2.10

Canonical wanted its vision for the Snap technology the company added to its desktop operating system Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus to be widely embraced by both normal users and application developers.

The company released the Snapcraft tool which it hope will help app developers to easily create and distribute applications under the Snap umbrella with ease.

Canonical has recently pushed a huge milestone for the software to the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenia Xerus software repositories updating the programme to version 2.10.1.

This update caters for some interesting new changes and the biggest among them is the introduction of macaroons for authentication allowing for a better developer experience.


The new Macaroon authentication feature is geared towards making life less stressful for app developers as it will allow them to be able to create additional features for communication with Store Application Processing Interfaces.

Additionally, there is now support for zip file formats which will allow snapcraft app developers to be able to create source types for plugins.

Furthermore, another new feature in Snapcraft 2.10.1 brings an added functionality to the “snapcraft init” command to generate a valid template that allows even inexperienced developers to be able to start packaging apps as Snaps.

snappy ubuntu

The entire ecosystem of Snapcraft has received some sort of update or change and some of it includes backend support as well as snapd which monitor app performance to see that all snap apps work perfectly on your distro.

“Many more ongoing tasks and bugs have been fixed, mostly polish related to outputs and error messages; by the way, bugs are always welcome when an error message does not make sense. There have been tiny but nice improvements to the go and node.js plugins as well,” according to the announcement.

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