Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Could Possibly Feature Linux Kernel 4.8

Work on the next Ubuntu desktop operating system is coming together slowly as the development team continues to consider the technologies they think are worth adding to the platform.

The team is looking for ways to change the entire structure of the operating system and already have decided to change Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak to a universal local DNS resolver service. Despite the fact that the platform still continue to be powered Kernel 4.6, the developers are looking into ways to use the latest version of the kernel for their GNU/Linux operating system.

The information came when the Ubuntu Kernel team posted a new installation file of their weekly newsletter informing the general public that Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak will soon be rebased on the latest stable Kernel 4.6 release.
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The trend will continue on to the Release Candidate builds of Linux kernel 4.7 and considering if the transmission is complete without problems, it will move to Kernel 4.8.

“Our Yakkety kernel tree still remains a snapshot of our Xenial kernel. We are however tracking a v4.6 based kernel in our unstable repository and hope to get that uploaded to the archive for preliminary testing soon. We’ll then start rebasing to the early v4.7-rc#’s. Also, as noted in previous newsletters, we are also going to target a v4.8 based kernel for the 16.10 release,” said the Ubuntu kernel developers.

It should be noted that the Kernel 4.8 development circle hasn’t started yet asLinus Torvalds and his team have recently begun work on Kernel 4.7.

The development of Linux Kernel 4.8 is expected to begin at the end of July and during its entire development circle, it is expected receive at least eight release candidates before hitting the stable channel around September.

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