Expect New Features In The Upcoming Solus Linux 1.2

The Solus team have been quietly trying to put together the technologies they hope to see featured in the upcoming release of the Linux-kernel based operating system.

Through an announcement made by project leader Ikey Doherty who, not only talked about what new things are expected to be featured in the next Solus release but also gave emphasis on how the development team is looking at ways to make implementing these features a flawless and easy task for the end user.

According to him, users can expect to get their hands on some of the most wonderful new Linux technologies that are currently available and installing them on their systems – including upgrading to Solus 1.2 — , should be an effortless task given the semi-rolling release model that the independent Linux Kernel-based operating system offers rather having to reinstall the entire OS.


Some of the new features that are expected to be added to Solus 1.2 includes a new and much improved graphical installer that supports automatic partitioning of disks drivers, allowing your to dual-boot with other GNU/Linux operating systems.

There is a feature that allows users to reuse existing SWAP partitions from other Linux distros provided that they are available on the same machine.


In a statement made by Ikey Doherty “The new installer, it’s a short-term rewrite, to address the deep flaws in the old installer,” said Ikey Doherty exclusively for Softpedia. “The old installer is actually from around 2009/2010 and was the original code behind my LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) installer, “live-installer”.

Furthermore, users will have access to support for the automatic creation of an EFI system partition and support for NVMe and M.2 SSDs.

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