Fedora 24 Delayed For The Fourth Time

Fedora Linux previously known as Fedora core is a well-known Linux-based operating system that is quite popular.

As we have reported earlier, the Red Hat foundation supported project was aiming for a release of Fedora 24 around mid-June, soon after which the team will turn its attention to Fedora 25 provided that they do not hit any snags along the way.

The eagerly awaited Fedora 24 Linux Operating system will come to users with Kernel from the 4.5 stable series, three different desktop environments – the latest GNOME 3.20, Xfce 4.12, as well as KDE Plasma 5.6.

The new launch was supposed to bring updated versions of core components as well as new and refined software like the latest version of Firefox and Libre Office but those eagerly awaiting to get their hands on these wonderful features will have to wait a little longer as Fedora 24 will be delayed.


This is the fourth time that the Fedora Foundation is forced to delay the release of it’s Linux based operating system and this time, a bug found in GRUB2 Bootloader is to be blamed.

The bug makes it impossible for the Fedora 24 operating system to boot when using a Dell Precision M6800 computer that previously has Windows 10 installed.


During a Fedora 24 Final Go/No Go meeting which was held today, the decision to delay the operating system was made and now users can expect to get their hands on the OS around June 21.

“The decision of the Fedora 24 Final Go/No-Go Meeting is NO-GO. Due to a blocker bug and subsequently missing Fedora 24 Final RC compose it has been agreed on the Go/No-Go meeting to slip the Final release of Fedora 24 for one week,” said Jan Kurik, Fedora Program Manager at Red Hat.

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