Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS is Now Official With Fixes for Different Filesystems

Within a short period of time, we have seen a host of Linux Kernel LTS versions launch into the wild amongst which are Linux Kernel 4.6.2 LTS, Linux Kernel 4.5.7 LTS, Linux Kernel 4.4.13 LTS and the most recent of them all being Linux Kernel 3.14.72 LTS.

Nonetheless, another new build has just been released dubbed the Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS under the long-term supported Linux Kernel 4.1 series and it would come in with up to 910 deletions, 1661 different insertions and about 137 files would receive changes as well.

Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS

Sasha Levin told the public that this new Linux Kernel release based on the Linux Kernel 4.1 branch is a must have for users and she also went on to say that “The updated 4.1.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-4.1.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary.”


If you are deliberating on the need to upgrade your Linux Kernel version to the Linux Kernel 4.1.26 then here are some few things you need to know about this new build that would definitely help convince you the more to make the switch.

Linux Kernel

Being the 26th update under the 4.1 series, there are many more improvements made to x86 hardware architecture, MIPS, PowerPC or PPC and ARM especially the ARM64 (AARCH64).

The driver has also been updated for the ACPI, CPUIdle, Crypto, GPU, hwmon, IRQ Chip, MCB, MFD, MMC, MTD, networking (Atheros ath10k, ath5k, and ath9k, Realtek wireless drivers), PCI, PINCTRL, SCSI, Thunderbolt, TTY, USB, and Xen.

More so, some minor improvements have been made to the core Kernel as well as fixes for different filesystems are also included some of which are CIFS, Btrfs, XFS, EXT4 and HPFS. This is enough reason to upgrade to the Linux Kernel and you could do that over at

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