Ubuntu Mate 16.10 Yakkety Yak to be Less Resource Reliant

After taking longer than previously planned, the Mate desktop environment did finally arrive and the wait which took over two months was because –Martin Whimpress who is the Project leader of both Ubuntu Mate and the Mate desktop environment — and his team were taking extra precautions by having the version 1.14.1 rigorously tested before pushing it to the stable channel.

Now that work is done on the desktop environment , Mr Whimpress and his team are concentrating their efforts on the actual Ubuntu Mate Linux operating system. Despite its lightweightness, the Ubuntu Mate development team have been trying to optimise their next release which will be Ubuntu Mate 16.10 Yakety Yak even further.

Ubuntu Mate

According to a new announcement by the team , they have decided to make some few changes to the core components of both the newly release desktop environment as well as the distribution it is based on which is Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak thereby making the entire Operating system less reliant on system resources.

One of the main reasons why the next Ubuntu Mate release will be less resource hungry is because the new Mate 1.14.1 was built around the latest GTK3 technologies rather than GTK2 which Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS is based off.


“MATE Desktop 1.14.1 does not use significantly more RAM that MATE Desktop 1.12.1, when both are built again GTK2. Ubuntu MATE 16.10 (pre-alpha) using MATE Desktop 1.14.1 built against GTK3 uses less RAM than either Ubuntu MATE 16.04 configuration using GTK2,” stated a post on the Mate webpage.

Other changes include the Tilda pop-up virtual terminal for X will no longer be executed by default when running Ubuntu MATE 16.10 (users can enable it via MATE Tweak), and DNS lookups are being performed by the systemd-resolved tool via the libnss-resolve library in NetworkManager.

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