Introducing Chromium and Ubuntu Hybrid, Cub Linux 1.0

One of the most common Linux-based OS is the Ubuntu Linux.  Canonical has made sure that it is consistent with the different types of hardware that are readily accessible since there are so many dominant applications available.

Chromium OS is one good example which is  known for its integration with web applications, Google services and its speed by using cloud and Google applications as its source of power.

There is now a newly released Ubuntu Linux-based OS that tries to combine its best features with that of the famous Chromium OS to create a hybrid that is powerful and yet easy to use, it is called Cub Linux.


Cub Linux was initially named Chromixium OS but was later changed to Cub Linux on Google’s request due to copyright issues and by combining the names Chromium and Ubuntu, Cub Linux was formed.

The Cub Linux 1.0 Release Candidate was made available for download in the development stage. With testing and experiments, the almost ready project release was good. The present collection of Cub Linux ISOs are established on Ubuntu Linux LTS 14.04 Trusty Tahr.

By combining Compton desktop compositor, Openbox window manager with Plank dock and  LXDE’s LXPanel, you will get the Linux desktop and menus provided by Cub Linux, reminiscent of Chromium OS and its avatars because of the look and feel it provides.

There is a Published dedicated software repo by Cub Linux developers used for updating the homegrown packages.


Check out the list of  Cub Linux 1.0 main features :

  1. A New look and theme
  2. Chromium OS-style avatars
  3. Improved window edge snapping
  4. Kernel 4.2 and an updated xorg stack
  5. A Clipboard daemon
  6. The Control Panel now has Grub Bootloader manager
  7. The Parole has been replaced with a dedicated media player
  8. Viewnior is the new picture viewer
  9. Better brightness and volume controls

Although Cub Linux is available in both 32 and 64-bit, the development team recommends that the 64-bit version for EFI and secure boot systems should be used since the 32-bit version is only recommended for 32-bit architecture and low RAM processors.

You should know, however, that Google Chrome and Adobe Flash are only available in the 64-bit version.

Head over to Cub Linux’s website in order to download the ISO images and get more information. Don’t forget to stick to Ubuntu Next for further updates and more Ubuntu news.

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