KDE Plasma 5 Desktop Based KDE Neon User Edition 5.6 Has Been Launched

Ex-kubuntu has finally  announced the availability of the KDE Neon User Edition 5.6 OS to all who want to use it based on the latest version of KDE technologies. By providing a user edition of the KDE Neon project, they have created an open source initiative that poses to always bring users the latest KDE software versions to PCs.

The KDE Operating System, apart from being a layer on top any of the ubuntu or Kubuntu-based OSes, is also distributed via installable ISO images.

This User Edition 5.6 of KDE Neon lets all those who have an interest in the KDE Plasma desktop environment among other KDE technologies, to have the latest versions of the said software projects on their PCs as soon as they are available.

According to Mr Jonathan Riddell, “a continuous integration Jenkins system scans the download servers for new releases and automatically fires up computers with Docker instances to build packages”,  and added, “we work in the open and as a KDE project, any KDE developer has access to our packaging Git repository and can make fixes, improvements and inspect our work.”

Because the new KDE Neon User Edition 5.6 ISO images were designed right from the word “go” with the experienced Linux user in focus, they come with a handful of KDE applications which are sufficient enough to allow users create unique installations containing only the apps they need and to also keep the size of the install mediums in check to minimalize bloatware and avoid cruft.

The KDE Neon Developer Edition which was crafted mainly for developers and advanced testers was available four months before the KDE Neon User Edition and so users could install unstable branches of various KDE technologies, and since the KDE user edition is based on only the stable software, users can only install stable updates. Head over to their website to download KDE Neon User Edition right now.

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