Nautilus Just Added A New Feature That Wows Users

What we are accustomed to hearing is how Gnome has altered its file manager, Nautilus, by editing or completely removing a feature. This time around the case is different. The release of Gnome. 3.22 has seen the Gnome team add a new feature!

We’re just being waggish, but indeed, the news of this new feature will bring joy to all the hearts of power users among who are beginning to get fed up Nautilus’ recent …streamlining

This new feature brings is batch rename feature and it was built from the latest ‘batch rename’ branch from GNOME Git the team shared a video demonstrating batch renaming in Nautilus 3.22:

The new feature works intuitively; all you have to do is select multiple files, right-click and select ‘rename’ (or you can just hit the F2 button) to open up the batch rename dialogue. You ca.n add text to the names (by either appending or prepending), format file names or replace words in the current filenames.

Do not forget, though, that everything in the video demonstration above is still work-in-progress and so might not be exactly as you expect it to be given that the workflow shown above is subject to change, editing or fixing.

We think it’s just about time for this update because the ‘batch rename feature is long overdue. What other features would you like the Gnome team to bring to Nautilus? Perhaps, a couple of cool features from Windows 10’s File Explorer, let us know down below in the comments section.

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