Turn On Your Reddit Inbox Alerts on Your Ubuntu Desktop

Quick Reddit is a new Reddit indicator app for Linux that is still being developed and therefore still a bit buggy. Although the applet does not let  log into your Reddit account in order to receive notifications of your new inbox messages nor to monitor your karma, you can easily see the latest posts with just a few clicks in your choice of subreddit.


There is an application for Ubuntu hosted on GitHub, Furi-Kura, that does exactly that.

Furi Kura is an indicator developed by Benjamin Dean, who shared the link to this his app in the comments section of the Quick Reddit post and we decided to let our readers know about it.

The application may not revolutionise your experience on Reddit, but its feature set is intelligent enough and it is  worth checking out. It displays:

  • Notifications of new messages with content on or off
  • Unread inbox count
  • Karma counts inside the menu or on the panel
  • It also allows you set a refresh rate (1, 10, 30 mins or 1 hour)

This app indicator will be a useful tool for the devoted Redditors based on what we read from its GitHub page.


Concerning the project, Benjamin said: “Feel free to submit a pull request, report a bug, use some of my code to build your own indicator, complain about crappy implementation – whatever. This project is still under development. Karma indicators next to the icon may not work on all desktop environments and was tested on Unity only.”

You can get the pre-compiled .deb installer from the Github project page linked to here.

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