Canonical Releases Snapd 2.0.8 With Improvements Across The Board

Canonical developer David Calle and his team have been spending much of their time working on the next update of snapd tool for snappy Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating systems.

Snappy Ubuntu Core is Canonical’s dialled down Ubuntu operating system for embedded devices and small internet of things and the new snapd 2.0.8 which is now available for download promises to bring great improvements and new features to the technology that allows Canonical to interact with the snappy infrastructure of Ubuntu Core.

The new update appears to be a major milestone for both Canonical and other developers because its gives both developers and users the ability to interact with snaps which according to the company will become a universal binary package that is going to be supported on almost any GNU/Linux Operating system whose developers are willing to adopt the snapd technology.

Canonical Releases Snapd 2.0.8 With Improvements Across The Board

Among other things, some of the features that are included in the new snapd 2.0.8 includes a command called “snap try” which has been built to make testing snap packages more convenient and faster by allowing the mounting of any directory that contains an unpackaged snap as an editable installed snap.

“For example, if you are using Snapcraft, you can run ‘snap try prime/’ in your working directory to mount prime/ as an installed Snap and edit it while the Snap is mounted,” said David Callé.

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In the new update, developers are given the ability to use the “os-release” file instead of “lsb-release” when attempting to package an application as a Snap for multiple operating systems, as well as support for an environment map inside snap.yaml, despite that fact that a matching Snapcraft syntax is not yet available.

Other features include a reorganised user interface as well as network-manager, cups-control, location-control, pulseaudio, and gsettings.

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