Linux Kernel 4.7 Release Candidate Now Available for Testers and Early Adopters

With Distros already shipping with Linux Kernel 4.6, work has already begun on the next version as Linus Torvalds and his team made an announcement today shedding light on their progress.

In an announcement made by Mr Torvalds, release candidate number four of Linux Kernel 4.7 will include multiple architecture improvements like ARM and x86, few changes to various filesystems, an updated documentation, as well as small patches and fixes.

A third of the work load was channelled towards making required improvements to the drivers like USB, GPU, iiO, LEDs, DMA, and so on.
Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS

“It’s been a fairly normal week, and rc4 is out. Go test.The statistics look very normal: about two-thirds drivers, with the rest being half architecture updates and half “misc” (small ffilesystem updates, some documentation, and a smattering of patches elsewhere). The bulk of the driver updates are USB and GPU, but there’s iio, leds, platform drivers, DMA etc).”

Linux Kernel

The Kernel is not ready for the masses as of yet but those who can compile can head over to website to download the fourth release candidate.

The development phase of Linux Kernel 4.7 will continue and any bugs that are reported will be attended and addressed in the next release candidate. Linux Kernel 4.7 is expected to receive as much as three additional release candidate builds before its ready which is calculated to be around mid-June.

Distros will begin to feature the programme in about two to three months after it has been released.

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