PepperMint 7 to be Reportedly Based On A LTS Release

Linux draws its strength mostly of the its wide variety of Distros related to it and released to fit the needs of everyone being it that you’re an average user who spends their time just surfing the web or that you are those that know their way around commands lines and can easily power their way through very complex task.

Already, there are well-known distributions like Ubuntu Linux, LinuxMint, Zorin OS, Fedora, just to name a few but there are others that rarely are seen under the spotlight like PepperMint.

This cloud-centric GNU/Linux operating system is based off Ubuntu and it is not as well known as the Linux-based operating system from Canonical bu it does feature some rather neat features that include a well-designed structure, Lightweight and well tailored to be extremely stable making it ideal for both home and business purposes.

Fit for both laptop and desktop use, the Ubuntu-based operating system base its releases on the Long Term version allowing it to receive support for longer periods of time.

In a very short announcement made on their Google+ page, the developers of PepperMint Linux operating system stated that they working on the next release of the OS which is going to be based off Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus dubbed PepperMint 7.
The date set aside for the release is June 30 and it looks like beta testing is already taking place privately within the developer circle.
Those with PepperLinux 6 will not need to delete the entire OS when installing the new one, being PepperMint 7 as they can install the new version atop the old one.

Peppermint 7 will only be available in 64-bit UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) support.

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