Theme For Linux Desktop: Xenlism Wildfire, A Minimal Icon Theme

Xenlism icon theme

Today we’re singling out a really “tasty” them from our list of Top 10 Themes for Ubuntu Desktop in order to emphasise its eye candy and give credit to the developer.

Minimalism is the latest trend in the world of design and Xenlism is a boss at it. It is smooth and tranquil, inspired by Nokia’s meego and Apple iOS icon theme design, it is one of the reasons minimalistic icon design isn’t going anywhere away from us in a long time.

Check out some of its icons for various apps:

Xenlism Icon theme for Ubuntu

See how the folder icons look:

Xenlism Icons theme for Linux

According to Nattapong Pullkhow, the theme developer, claims that the icon theme is best suited for GNOME but that wouldn’t stop it from working well with Unity, Mate and KDE.


Xenlism Theme is just about 230 MB in size which is indeed a bit heavy for an icon theme but the size is justified as it has support for an enormous number of applications in their variety.

Installation For Ubuntu/Debian Based Linux Distros

To install it in Ubuntu variants, use the command below in a terminal to add the GPG key:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 90127F5B

After adding the key, enter the following commands:

echo "deb deb/" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xenlism-wildfire-icon-theme

You can also download a matching minimal wallpaper in addition to the icon theme:

sudo apt-get install xenlism-artwork-wallpapers

Installation For Arch Based Linux Distros

You are going to have to edit the Pacman repository. In any working terminal of your choice, enter the following command:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Add the following section to this configuration file:

SigLevel = Never
Server =

To update your system and install icon theme and wallpapers enter the following into your terminal:

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -S xenlism-wildfire


You can use Unity Tweak Tool In Ubuntu Unity and the Gnome Tweak Tool in Gnome. We presume that you know how to do this part, but if you are stuck let us know we will add some screenshots for you.

Check out a screenshot of Xenlism icon theme working in Ubuntu 15.04 Unity with a Xenlism desktop wallpaper in the background.

Xenlism icon theme in Ubuntu Unity


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