Chrome And Firefox Are Bad For Your Laptop’s Battery, Especially If You Run Windows 10

One of the most painstaikig experiences a laptop user can have is problems that come with poor power effieciency. Couple it with a RAM-hungry browser for the web and you’re right on a train to frustration land. Microsoft recently released some video advertisements and according to them, Edge broswer should be your browser of choice.


They didn’t stop there though, (of course they didn’t), they released a video to show why using Firefox ad Chrome web browsers might ot be a good idea.

According to Microsoft, they have compared the leading web browsers and measured their power cosumption. These browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera, and they were all tested in a controlled environment. They claim that Edge features a better power-saving improvement due to its fewer CPU cycles, minimizing background processes,  and lesser memory, so it is made to maximize the battery life and overall potential of your hardware.

The test was conducted on four identical surface books with web browsers that were automated t perform the same activites.

The results from the test clearly show that Microsoft Edge is a lot more energy efficient than the other browsers on Windows 10, given that you will have up to 36%-53% extra juice. We posted a video below for you to see; RAM-killer Google Chrome lasts for just about 4 hours and 19 minutes and Edge streamed the same content for 7 hours and 22 minutes.

Microsoft is employing its Edge web browser as one of the principal selling points of Windows 10 and they are also consistently making improvements to the IE replacement with each new Windows 10 Insider update.

Edge is slowly and gradually gaining more market thanks to these tweaks.

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There are many other browsers out there, which ones do you enjoy using? Share your views in the comments section below.

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