Epiphany Web Browser Update Lets Users Run Web Apps Outside The GNOME DE

Web which was originally called Epiphany is a free and open source browser that has become part and parcel of GNOME software.

Previously under the Galeon project, but developer disagreement about Galeon directions lead it to be forked by GNOME, who now uses most of their technologies and certain needed additional settings where they deemed it required to make the programme what it is today.

Epiphany has now become part of the GNOME Core Application setup, the web browser comes with a clean and simple graphical user interface with a very short list of features available by default.

The  GNOME Project is extensively working on the next big release of it’s well known GNOME desktop environment which is schedule for launch on September 21.

GNOME 3.22 is expected to come with many improved features that includes some additions to the core components of the software geared towards improving programme stability, bug fixes as well as an updated version of its default web browser.

epiphany web browser

Epiphany web browser is expected to be updated to version 3.21.3 and some the new and interesting features that will be added includes, given users the ability to run web applications outside the GNOME desktop environment and ability to toggle the web inspector tool using keyboard shortcuts.
Other improvements includes allowing the download pop up window to only be enabled for the active and current window thereby increasing overall browser performance, large standard scalable vector graphics and HTML icons will also be supported for web app icons.


Here are the list of all changes coming to Epiphany web browser.
– Require WebKitGTK+ 2.13.1
– Allow toggling web inspector with keyboard shortcuts (#676870)
– Activate downloads popover only for active window (#764303)
– Allow running system web apps outside GNOME (#767101)
– Indicate when running in web app mode in user agent (#767123)
– Find web app names using OpenGraph site_name in name attribute (#767184)
– Support large standard HTML icons and SVG for web app icons (#767257)
– Increase default webapp icon size to 192 (#767407)
– Middle-clicking the title bar doesn’t send Epiphany to the background (#767585)
– Updated translations

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