Introducing the Fastest Booting Linux Distro: Solus OS


Today, we assuming you on’t know about this Operating System that we have been watching closely for a while now. Before its first release, the project spent over eight months in development and it contains over 2000 package builds. It is codenamed Shannon, after the longest river in Ireland. It’s name is Solus OS.

Solus OS is a Linux distro started by Ikey Doherty, that was buit from scratch and that brinngs along with it Budgie, its own desktop enviroment. Solus OS has managed to attain amazing boot numbers at about a secound and that is what got it the title of fastest booting Linux Distro. The OS team promises developers full cotroll of their OS as both the desktop environment ad the Operating System itself are made by the same team.

In this article, we are goint to take a look at the features of Solus OS

Desktop Environment Budgie:

Solus OS is targeted at x86_64 architecture and thus, has a clearly designed desktop. The development team built a GTK-based desktop environment for it and it is called Budgie.

Budgie features a highly-efficient menu with which you can quickly access the programs installed in two modes: compacts and category view. It also features a notification centre that is referred to as Raven that helps you manage your notifications and customise your UX.


Package Manager eopkg:

Solus makes use of a package manager named eopkg with which you can easily install/remove packages. You can manage packages in the repository by using eopk to efficiently search for them in the repository and this helps sort packages and keep things organised.

Solus OS 1.1 Ships With Linux kernel 4.4.3

Out-of-The-Box Packages and Applications

  • Firefox 43.0.2
  • Nautilus 3.18.4
  • Rhythmbox 3.2.1
  • Thunderbird 38.5.0
  • VLC 2.2.1

Solus OS supports a variety of themes which make the UI experience on your desktop more personal. Apart from that, it comes with tons of pre-installed system fonts.


ISO Download Links for Solus ISO

You can download Solus OS ISO images and BitTorrent files from their website using this  link. On this link, you can find more information about the OS.

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