Orca Screen Reader and Magnifier to Have Better Support For LibreOffice in GNOME 3.22

The GNOME software development team have been greatly spending time on the next build of the well known GNOME desktop environment. Word has already begun trickling down on what sort of changes and what features are expected to ship with GNOME 3.21.3 desktop environment.

Already. We have mentioned Epiphany web browser getting a massive makeover with changes to the core structure as well the arrival of new features and stability enhancements.

Another core app that is getting refreshed is called Orca, this on screen reader and icon magnifier utility – which is usually shipped as a default app with the GNOME stack but also can be found pre-loaded in many well-known GNU/Linux operating systems like Ubuntu.

Orca 3.21.3 development release has been launched  to the general public for early adopters and beta testers bringing a long list of improvements and important fixes.

Some of the interesting features coming to Orca 3.21.3 includes the addition of caching as well as a double presentation of inferred labels being removed, there was an issue with the setting position through element-list dialogues which is now resolved and improvements made to the caret navigation.

epiphany web browser

List of changes includes
* Eliminate hang resulting from AT-SPI2 crash
* Don’t show as desktop application in Unity; Orca is part of Universal Access
* Take interfaces into account when looking for non-descendable descendants (helps with performance)
* Handle more instances of objects going defunct, apps becoming non-responsive, and apps creating duplicate accessible objects
* Make the output of ‘orca -l’ more verbose to identify non-responsive apps
* Ensure a script only registers one signal handler for clipboard changes
* Ensure synthesizer is changed when switching profiles via command
* Filter out more duplicate input events
* Support non-srcdir builds in autogen.sh
* Miscellaneous code cleanup

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