Parrot OS 3.0 Code-named “Lithium” Now Available For Download

ParrotOS or sometimes called Parrotsec is GNU/Linux distro that is based on and Debian built specifically to perform penetration testing geared towards computer security, Mitigation, Computer forensics, Anonymous surfing as well as Vulnerability Assessment.

The operating system comes with equipped with everything needed for ethical hacking and under the radar operations by offering users a lightweight testing environment with a highly compatible and complete set of tools.

The company behind the development and distribution of ParrotOS Frozenbox Network has recently announced the release and availability of the newest Parrot security OS 3.0 code named “Lithium.”

The new release of the security penetration GNU/Linux based operating system comes packed with up-to-date software packages, improved core components as well as better security patches.

Most of these improvements can be credited to the Debian “Jesse” stable software repos atop of which comes with a long list of state-of-the-art penetration testing tools, security auditing as well as computer forensic mechanisms.

ParrotOS 5

Those interested in using ParrotOS for their computer security needs will have as much as six editions to choose from each offering a specific number of software for specific tasks.

The Parrot security OS flavours that will be released at the moment includes Cloud Edition, Full Edition, and Lite Edition, as well as Parrot Studio and Parrot LXDE (ships with the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, but the Studio, LXDE and Libre editions are not going to be released yet.
ParrotOS 2

The developers added a little twist by porting the binary images of the ethical hacking and penetration testing operating system on many embedded systems as well as Internet of Things devices which includes Raspberry Pi. You’ll find 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARMhf generic rootfs images.

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