The New Version of NetOS Brings Improved Support For Surface Pro & Chromebook Pixel

Black Lab Software (PC/OpenSystems LLC) is company specialized in free and open source projects and through an announcement made by company CEO, it looks like the engineers have been rigorously working on the next big release of its NetOS 8.0.2 operating system and it is now available to the general public for download and installation.

This NetOS 8.0.2 closely followed in the footsteps of the of recently introduced 8.0 series of the operating system which is vying to be a first choice alternative to Google’s desktop operating system, Chrome OS.

The series promises to bring users new and reformed GNU/Linux technologies while additionally giving them the ability to run both cloud-based and locally install apps side by side.


This launch is the second maintenance release of the series and it introduces some new enhancements of the infrastructure of the build by bringing in latest software versions and also adding security updates.

Few of the apps that are updated includes Google Chrome 51.0.2704.103, gThumb 3.4.3, Ice 5.2.1, and Webmin 1.801.

Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS

One of the most notable changes includes replacing Parole Media player with VLC Media Player software and also improvements made to support for Docker 1.11 Linux container engine including better and improved UEFI , Microsoft Surface Pro and ChromeBook Pixel 2015 version support.

“Surface Pro support has been improved, as you no longer have to log out and log back in when you detach the keyboard,” said Roberto J. Dohnert.” This allows users to forfeit the use of an external USB mouse during installation on Chromebook Pixel 2015.

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