UbuntuBSD 16.04 Operating System is Coming Soon and would Feature a Combination of OpenRC and BusyBox

Social media has become one of the fastest means wherein information travels and now thanks to a tweet made by the project leader for UbuntuBSD, Jon Boden, we now know that there would be a handful of technical features added to the upcoming UbuntuBSD 16.04 operating system.


As you ought to have already known, we are still edge-seated awaiting the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS based UbuntuBSD operating system which would be using the well-renowned BSD-based Kernel, the freeBSD 10.3 OS that frees this soon-to-come operating system from presumably handicapped systemd init system.

UbuntuBSD Twitter

As can be seen in his tweeter post above, Jon Boden, the project leader made us know that instead of the rather infringed systemd init, the up and coming UbuntuBSD 16.04 LTS would be using an OpenRC init which would be combined with a BusyBox.

The developers however have put the SysVinit users into consideration also as they would be able to use this system on the UbuntuBSD OS nonetheless they should have it in mind that this grace is short-lived as it is only supported for a short period of time.


On the project’s official tweeter account, Jon went on to expatiate on the importance of using a pure init technology as he said that “Just as Ubuntu switched to systemd, we’re working on a new release based on clean, modular Init technologies. No systemd for us, thanks!,”

Now, all we have to do is wait for the final release of this operating system to be available for download so we can lay our hands on a whole new, reliable and BSD-based Kernel system.

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