KDE Plasma Desktop Environment To Support Wayland and All The Goodies That Comes With it

After release the beta build of KDE Plasma 5.7 Desktop environment last week for all supported GNU/Linux operating systems, it seems the development team behind the well-known DE have gathered all the feedbacks and are working on making the necessary improvements as they prepare for the final release due July 5, 2016.

Some of the new bells and whistles are that expected to be featured in the next release of the KDE Plasma desktop environment includes support for the next generation Wayland display server and according to a post made by project leader Martin Gräßlin shed light on some which features will appear in the final version and those that won’t.


Through his post, he makes mention of some of the Wayland functionalities are going to be implemented in KDE Plasma 5.7 including the features that are not going to make the cut such as the xdg-shell support. Because of the lack of this feature, the GTK applications will have to use the old x11 display server when running atop Wayland.

“First of all I need to mention what didn’t make it: unfortunately, I missed the freeze of Frameworks 5.23 to land support for xdg-shell. I have a working implementation but was not yet satisfied with the API. This is a difficult interface to provide an API for due to the unstable nature of the interface. Due to lack of xdg-shell support GTK applications are still going to use X11 on Wayland.”


Some of the features that are expected to come with KDE Plasma 5.7 desktop environment includes the introduction of a virtual keyboard, better input device support,sub-surface support, and a well-structured task manager.

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