Kodi Has Just Released A Raspberry Pi Case Alongside Kodi 17 Nightlies

The Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap single-board computer that has proven itself and become popular among customers seeking for a really portable they can plug into a TV even though it was probably designed for students, educators, makers etc.

For years now customers have been able to install software like the Kodi media centre app and now, they can give the petit PC an official Kodi-themed case to boot. The Raspberry Pi case is going for $20 (or £16).

Also, version 17 of the Kodi media centre app will soon be released as an initial Alpha version is set to launch next week. However, if you just can’t wait for the stable version, you can grab the nightly builds here.

kodi pi

The new Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case comes as a limited-edition container for the Raspberry Pi having Kodi’s logo on top, an aluminum core that acts as both a passive heat sink and a protective body for the computer and which also acts as a passive heat sink and cut-outs for all of the Raspberry Pi’s ports.

This new case is a custom version of the one FLIRC already offers. It has support for the Raspberry Pi Model B+, Raspberry Pi 2, and Raspberry Pi 3. Users with older models will be able to see the computer’s LEDs through a cutout in the case, but because the LEDs in the Raspberry Pi 3 are in a different position, they aren’t visible in the case.

As for Kodi 17, Krypton is its new code name, it has a new default skin and a huge “surprise” feature that the Kodi team seems to have been working on for a while now.

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