ADB (Atomic Developer Bundle) 2.2.1 Now Official for CentOS Linux Users

Since the inception of the GNU/Linux operating system, we have seen quite a lot of development environments aimed at giving the users of this Linux-based operating system easy user interface and  most recent amongst these is Atomic Developer Bundle 2.2.1.

The new release of the Atomic Developer Bundle was announced by Lalatendu Mohanty, a developer of the CentOS as the new release was build through the CentOS Atomic SIG and is geared specifically towards the users of the GNU/Linux operating system.

The Atomic Developer Bundle, just as the name suggests, is a development environment that has production-grade and already installed utilities that would aid container developers by making container development as easy as possible.

ADB 2.2.1

Just as any upgrade, the ADB 2.2.1 – which has gone live for the users of the CentOS Linux distribution – features numerous bug fixes and improvements all of which can be seen in detail in the release announcement.

This latest version come in with a boatload of improvements which include Local Docker registry, supports to use the vagrant-sshfs tool to mount a user home dir into a virtual machine, adb-utils 1.8 set of configuration files and utility scripts for Atomic developer bundle, New Jenkins templates for OpenShift and ease of access to OpenShift’s Docker registry.

Linux Kernel 4.1.26 LTS

In order for CentOS users to maximize the full benefits that this new release bring to the table, they are to quickly update their Atomic Developer Bundle vagrant-service-manager and the vagrant box as well via the “vagrant plugin update vagrant-service-manager”

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