New Calibre 2.60 Announced with More Supports for ebooks in the EPUB 3 Format

RIts a bright day for all the GNU/Linux operating system users who always have themselves buried neck deep in reading books and novels as Kovid Goyal, a developer of Calibre just announced that the new release of their Calibre open-source ebook library management software, the 2.60.0 is now available for download.

This blessing though doesn’t just stop at the Linux-based distribution as it spans across the Windows Operating system and Mac OS X as well. This new release comes in just a week after its previous release – which featured quite a lot of improvements and bug fixes – went out.

Alongside the improvements included in the formerly released Calibre 2.59, the Calibre 2.60 comes in with more supports for ebooks in the EPUB 3 format giving users the ability to know if the navigation in the Check Book feature in the Edit Book component is missing or not and also the configuration dialogs for drivers that control Kobo Touch ebook readers has been improved.

Calibre 2.60

Thats not all though as now, the copying of ebooks would no longer be aborted whenever a file fails to send, the first thing to be displayed o the drop-down list of the Edit Metadata component would be your five most recently used languages and the web browser supported by the ebooks reader has been improved by making all its relative links absolute.

All disturbances and annoyances found in the previous builds has been tackled and packaged into this new release giving the users a whole better software experience alongside improvements to news sources like Antyweb, New York, Times Book Review and Handelsblatt.

When you go to EPUB metadata component, under Preferences -> Plugins -> Customize the Set EPUB metadata plugin, you would be able to disable the functionality that adds cover images to EPUB files which usually doesn’t contain a cover image in their metadata.

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