Solus 1.2.1 Will Be Released With Support for Vulkan Intel Graphics Cards

A new version of the Solus Linux operating system is coming as Josh Strobl shares some details regarding the features we should expect. According to him, Solus 1.2 which has been given the code name “Shannon” is expected to hit the repository near you, around mid-July if work progressed as planned, to make it available for everyone in about three weeks time.

“There are always a few things we would’ve liked to have added in, but just didn’t make the cut,” said Joshua Strobl. “We hinted at some of the upcoming improvements in our release announcement, and we’d like to go more in-depth about them now. So let’s take a peek at Solus 1.2.1, a point release we will have in mid-July.”


One of the first things that the team have changed is the installer which has been given huge improvements allowing smoother and more efficient usage. According to project leader Ikey Doherty, the long anticipated full-disk encryption support through Luks will also be coming to Solus and it also looks like advanced storage configuration support is coming too,  giving users the ability to create RAID and LVM storage volumes.

Some of the most exciting features that are reportedly going to be seen in the next Solus Linux operating system release will give huge emphasis on both the CPU and graphic performance as Vulkan support is to be coming to Intel graphics cards as well as OpenGL 4.3 or later across other hardware. This will be possible thanks to the implementation of the latest Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0. Improvements for Skylake CPUs and support for additional Intel Bluetooth devices will also be present in Solus 1.2.1.



Additionally, the developers have updated their Linux-firmware to add support for AMD Polaris UVD firmware and other exotic hardware components, and there’s complete IBUS support for improving the internationalisation and use of multiple languages, especially Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese ones.

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