Canonical Showed Off How Easy It is to Create Separate Snappy Stores

When Canonical announced Snaps and said it will be coming to the Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system, it created a huge excitement, especially among developers. The technology promises to make the creation and distribution of apps under the Snap umbrella both secure and easy.

Despite it’s flaws, the idea behind snaps was to unify and bump security for both the person that uses the app and the person that creates it.

Like any new technology, people must first face a few difficulties before it can be fully perfected and one of those that developers faced was whether it was possible to create separate stores that are different from those created by Canonical.


A few days ago, creator and founder of Canonical Mark Shuttleworth took to the stage to explain steps that are needed to build and distribute apps using the snaps universal binary format for all major Linux-Kernel based operating systems.


According to him, snaps stores are just simple HTTP web servers and Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland joined in to explain and demonstrate how easy it is to create a snap store.


Demonstrating how it works, he chose to use an AWS instance of Fedora 24, but you can do the same on any other GNU/Linux operating system that supports Snappy.

“First, I launched an instance in AWS. Of course I could have launched an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instance, but actually, I launched a Fedora 24 instance,” says Dustin Kirkland, Ubuntu Product and Strategy at Canonical. “In fact, you could run your SNAP store on any OS that currently supports SNAPs, really.”

SnapStore SnapStore SnapStore

In other words, it is as simple as running “sudo dnf install snapd” command to install snaps and following it up with “sudo dnf install squashfs-tools kernel-modules,” then forcing snapd (Snappy daemon) to talk to the just-created Snap store.

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