Get the RC 1 for Tiny Core 7.2 and See What The Final Release Has to Offer

With Linux being open source, it has paved the way for many developers to explore their creative abilities in terms of creating software, tools and operating systems and we have seen quite a few blow our minds amongst which is one of the smallest GNU/Linux operating systems, Tiny core.

The developers over at Tiny core has just made it public that a new release under their Tiny Core Linux 7 series dubbed the Tiny Core Linux 7.2 is only a few weeks from finally going official and now, they have made the Release Candidate 1 for this OS available for development.

The RC1 of the Tiny Core Linux 7.2 would give public testers and anyone who tries it out a chance to see what the final version has in stall for the public one it goes official in the coming weeks, probably in the later part of July.

Tiny Core

To give users a fore-taste of what the system should be offering, the RC1 comes along with several impressive features some of which include improvements suggested by users of previous versions such as upgrading the tc-function script and allowing arguments to be passed to ondemand items that don’t contain a .desktop file.

Some minor patches can also be noticed like the ondemand no longer starting for itself, arguments for both tc-function and ondemand and be put in quote and also, the “clear” command has been moved from its previous position to the end of the rcS script.

Presently, only the pre-release version is available for now however, you would notice that some of the improvements mentioned above although they haven’t made it to the Tiny Core edition up until now, they had been previously featured on the Tiny Core Pure 64-bit editions.

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