New Maintainance Build From the Q4OS Orion Series, the Q4OS 1.4.12 is Now Available

For quite some time now, we have been hearing about the Debian-based GNU/Linux operating system series from Q4OS dubbed “Orion” which is a tool that aims at making your desktop the best it could and now, the newest maintenance release in this sequel is out and up for the grabs.


This new build, the Q4OS 1.4.12 comes in with some user-defined improvements alongside a boatload of security patches and software updates from the repositories of the upstream Debian “Jessie” 8.5. This new and most advanced distribution in the Orion series is built on the Trinity Desktop environment.


With this new maintenance release comes upgrades like an optimised “software to install list” for the normal Desktop Profiler Utility which is normally featured in the operating system. Also expect to have an overall better performance with special regards to the reliability and stability of the OS as there are some minor improvements also thrown into the mix.

Q4OS 1.4.12

The importance of this tools along with its improvements where divulged in the official Q4OS Blog and a part of it went on to say that “Important bug fixes and various improvements are provided. The Q4OS native Desktop Profiler tool has got new optimised ‘software to install’ list. All the updates are available for existing Q4OS users from the current Q4OS repositories,”

If you have been a previous user of this distro, be it the Q4OS 1.4.11 “Orion” or any other before it, you can easily hop aboard the new goodies this new release has to offer by simply heading over to the distributor’s main software repository and apply all the updates released there.

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