Snapcraft is Being Updated, Allows You to Use Part of The Ecosystem

Canonical is doing all it can to make its idea of snap technology become mainstream both on the client side of things as well as the developer side.

Yesterday, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth took it upon himself to explain to everyone that it surprisingly easy to create stores for Snappy apps.

Snapcraft is a utility tool created by the development team responsible for the snap technology that allows the easy creation of apps in snaps format and distributes them across several platforms of the GNU/Linux operating systems.

The development of the software is picking up momentum as the team prepares to release version 2.12 of snap crafts soon.

Snappy Ubuntu

According to a post by Snappy project leader Sergio Schvezov who is also one of the core developers of the snap crafts software, he shares some of the biggest features coming to the release and among these is the ability to access the parts ecosystem, for which the developer has published a lot of useful examples.

“So imagine I am someone wanting to use libcurl. Normally I would write the part definition from scratch and be on with my own business but surely I might be missing out on something about optimal switches used to configure the package or even build it. I would also need to research on how to use the specific plugin required,” says Schvezov.


To get a complete insight on how to to use remote parts when working with the Snapcraft tool to build Snaps for various applications, we recommend reading Mr Schvezov’s in-depth blog post in full.

At the moment version, 2.12 is being prepared to hit the software repositories of all supported GNU/Linux platforms and should it arrive, install by executing the following commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapcraft

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