Oracle Releases Virtual-box 5.0.24 Maintenance Build Adding Better Support Linux

Virtual box is a free and open-source hypervisor for x86 computers that is maintained and widely distributed by Oracle for Mac, Windows as well Linux-based operating systems.

Today, the development team announced the general availability of VirtualBox version 5.0.24 that promises to bring much-improved support for systems running Linux 4.6 or later as well as fix bugs reported from the previously released version.

“This means that the networking performance with certain guests will drop to the 5.0.20 level,” says the Oracle VirtualBox developers in today’s announcement. “One workaround is to disable GRO for Linux guests.”

According to what has been put down in the release notes, Virtualbox 5.0.24 which arrives just less than two weeks following the last maintenance update — giving it a status of a very small release– that is mostly geared towards dishing out much-needed patches and throwing in a few performance improvements including some regression that was introduced by Virtualbox 5.0.22.

Oracle VirtualBox

VirtualBox 5.0.24 adds better and improved support for Linux kernel 4.6 or later on GNU/Linux hosts, fixes the graphical user interface (GUI) to work on the Solaris 10 operating system and addresses a regression from VirtualBox 5.0.22 by re-implementing the old I/O-APIC code.

Additionally, the new release also adds better support for taking screenshots, it also adds an implementation for better dynamic re-attaching of input and output devices that are running Mac OS X hosts which provide better audio support as well the introduction of notifications for changes of the state of the battery on laptop devices.

Oracle VirtualBox

For a full overview, here are all the things added and changes made:

VMM: reverted to the old I/O-APIC code, for now, to fix certain regressions with 5.0.22 (bug #15529). This means that the networking performance with certain guests will drop to the 5.0.20 level (bug #15295). One workaround is to disable GRO for Linux guests.

Main: when taking a screenshot, don’t save garbage for blanked screens

NAT: correctly parse resolv.conf file with multiple separators (5.0.22 regression)

Storage: fixed a possible corruption of stream optimised VMDK images from VMware when opened in read/write mode for the first time

Audio: implemented dynamic re-attaching of input/output devices on Mac OS X hosts

ACPI: notify the guest when the battery / AC state changes instead of relying on guest polling

Linux hosts: fixed VERR_VMM_SET_JMP_ABORTED_RESUME Guru Meditations on hosts with Linux 4.6 or later (bug #15439)

Solaris hosts: make the GUI work on Solaris 10 again (bug #15549)

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