Raspberry Pi 3 Dedicated OS RaspEX Updated With OpenCPN 4.4.0

As the Raspberry Pi single board computers become mainstream, a lot of people are finding elaborate ways in using these devices to kick start some exciting projects. It has now become easier to teach kids how to code, ignite their robotic talents with homemade projects and so much more.

RaspEX is a tiny Linux-based operating system that is specifically designed to take full advantage of all the features onboard the Raspberry Pi created and distributed by the RaspAnd project.

The project has been adding some really nice features to the operating system during recent times including support for Pi Touch 7-inch display monitors, the team lead by Arne Exton recently announced some addition features and improvements coming to the next RaspEX build.

Build 160703 of the RaspEX operating system is a special release that utilises the efficient Android-X86 infrastructure specifically tailored for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single board PCs that incorporates the OpenCPN 4.4.0 free and open source software. The programme helps users create a compact navigation app and chart plotter which they can later use as a planning tool.


“I got the official 7″ touchscreen monitor for Raspberry Pi today. I started immediately to test the touchscreen running RaspEX. To my great pleasure (and surprise) the touchscreen worked perfectly out of the box!” said Arne Exton, when discussing how it got the touch functionality to work. “I didn’t have to install any extra packages to make it work.”

And in today’s announcement, Arne Exton stated “This build (160703) replaces build 160308. Ubuntu has been upgraded to version 16.04 and OpenCPN to version 4.4.0 – latest. Build 160703 is made especially for Raspberry Pi 3, but can also be used on Raspberry Pi 2. The Desktop environment LXDE is used.”


To make everything work smoothly, the team uses the lightweight LXDE is filled to the brim with a number of really useful apps including Mozilla Firefox and Chromium web browsers, Synaptic Package Manager, and GIMP.

Despite having most of its core components build a top free and open source software, the special RaspEX won’t be coming to users for free as they are required to pitch in $15 before laying their hands on the binary image.

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