Snappy snapd 2.0.10 Released to Fedora COPR Moves to Arch Linux Repo

Just two weeks after the release of snapd 2.0.9 Canonical’s Zygmunt Krynicki is feeling pumped by announcing the arrival of snapd 2.0.10 which in itself comes with some really exciting features.

Among the countless  number of new things added to the software, we can mention the inclusion of snap confinement on the Elementary OS 0.4 which is codenamed “Loki” as well as heading over to users of the Fedora Linux OS 24 for the first time in the COPR repository.

For Fedora users that do not want to use Flatpak, can install the latest snappy implementation on the operating system according to Zygmunt Krynicki, who is the Technical Lead in UES Commercial Engineering at Canonical.”Fedora users can now get snapd 2.0.10 from the COPR repository. There are many bug fixes and new features in this release.”


Additional, Zygmunt Krynicki added “That’s right, snapd and snap-confine have now moved to the official community repository. This means that the barrier to entry is now significantly lower and that installation is even faster than before. You still want to read the snapd wiki page to know the details about various post-install activities,”.

Here is a rundown of some of the most prominent changes coming with the new snapd release:

>interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates for default, log-observe and system-observe

>snapstate: add logging after a successful doLinkSnap

>tests, integration-tests: port try tests to spread

>store, cmd/snapd: send a basic user-agent to the store

>store: add buy method

>client: retry on failed GETs

>docs: REST API update

>interfaces: add mount support for hooks.

>interfaces: add udev support for hooks.

>interfaces: add dbus support for hooks.

>tests, integration-tests: port refresh test to spread

>tests, integration-tests: port change errors test to spread

>overlord/ifacestate: don’t retry snap security setup

>integration-tests: remove unused file

>tests: manage the socket unit when reseting state

>overlord: improve organization of state patches

>tests: wait for snapd listening after reset

>interfaces/builtin: allow other sr*/scd* optical devices

>systemd: add support for squashfuse

>snap: make snaps vanishing less fatal for the system

>snap-exec: os.Exec() needs argv0 in the args[] slice too

>many: add new `create-user` command

>interfaces: auto-connect content interfaces with the same content and developer

>snapstate: add Current revision to SnapState

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