Install the Eye Candy Papirus Icon Theme on Ubuntu 16.04

Today we’re bringing you a new icon theme set you may not have heard of before  now – Papirus Icon Theme, a truly eye candy theme for Ubuntu and Ubuntu distros alike.

Papirus icon pack houses over 1000 icons including glyphs for all the popular applications, and icons for Clementine, Atom editor, Corebird and VLC.

The icons feature a subtle raised edge together with a playful color palette and which gives them a semi-3D look.

Shaped As A Modern Icon Set

Paprius icon theme is just as broad as Kylin is and it is evenly as modern looking. Kylin Icon Theme offers a robust set of rounded app icons which all adhere to the same ‘squircle’ design, Papirus, on the other hand, eschews the boxy rigidity in favor of form and shape, thereby delivering glyphs that maintain an overall consistent UI and UX eve though they look distinct.

Install Papirus Icon Theme on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

If you want to install this theme set on Ubuntu 16.04 (and you should want to), all you have to do is easily run the commands below in your new Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:varlesh-l/papirus-pack

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install papirus-gtk-icon-theme

And Voila! It’s done. You can now go on to set it on your desktop.Papirus icon theme is designed to work with Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon and other GTK+ based desktop environments. A version for KDE users is also available.

Papirus icon theme has been designed to work with GNOME, Cinnamon , Unity, and all the other GTK+ based desktop environments. There is an available version for KDE users.

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