Go Terminal, although is still in beta stage, is an efficiently elegant Linux terminal for all command-line enthusiasts. The terminal was developed by Sophiware with power terminal users in mind and it comes with a modern UI along with lots of options to facilitate customization one of which is the default feature it has that gives it an eye candy sidebar at the right side of the terminal:

Go Terminal Sidebar
The customization tools for appearance include options to change Text and Background colors. The developers even went as far as making Solid or Gradient style options available for background colors and a bunch of Theme presets from which users can select.

Go Terminal Appearance settings


  • Click to Run Favorite commands: save commands as favorite and run them easily with just a single-click
    Add Fav Command

    Run the commands by clicking the play button of the favorite command from the sidebar:

    Run Favorite Command

  • Interactive Flags: Flags can be set in your favorite commands for interactive actions. If you want to run the ping command, for example, you can choose to make the Go Terminal request for the domain name:Add Input Flags
    and it will result in:

    GUI Input Flags

    Or just select a domain from a pre-defined domain list:

    Add Select Flags

    and your result would then be:

    GUI Select Flags

Go Terminal Installation

If you are one of those who would prefer using the command line method then you can use the commands below in Debian-based Linux distributions:

wget -O goterminal_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i goterminal_amd64.deb

If you would prefer the GUI way, download the .deb file at Go Terminal homepage.


We wonder if Go Terminal is free AND Ope Source as there hasn’t been any clear indicationn on the official site. When Sophiware was contacted regarding the issue of whether GoTerminal is free to use, they responded saying,

Yes and no. We have the free version, but it is limited. This is what is available. The paid version is complete but not yet available.

So, there you have it. The free version is what the installation method mentioned above is for. According to the GoTerminal website the paid subscription starts from $2.90 per year.

You ca get the source code from their GitHub repository if you would like to dig through it.

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