MPlayer-Based MPV Video Player Will no Longer Support Different FFmpeg Versions

Media players for Linux Distros are well known for their versatility and all round stable nature. Most of these programmes are able to read and play almost any file type users want them to open.

MPV is one of those software and the project’s maintainer Martin Herkt announced the new availability of the latest point release of the Media Player. The release caters for a handful of new features as well as small but very important improvements to options and commands including bug fixes.

One of the most important of these changes that is certainly going to raise interest among users and distribution managers is the fact that MPV now requires the versions of the FFmpeg or Libav libraries with the open-source, MPlayer-based video player application was compiled.

MPV Media Player

This implies that if MPV 0.18.1 was compiled against FFmpeg 3.1.1 “Laplace,” which is the latest version, the maintainers of the GNU/Linux distributions will need to update the FFmpeg package as well when they are adding MPV 0.18.1 to their repositories.

“Running MPV with different versions of the FFmpeg/Libav libraries than it was compiled with is no longer supported,” says Martin Herkt in the release notes. “Instead, MPV will exit with an error when such a situation is detected. This simply means that MVP needs to be rebuilt whenever FFmpeg libraries change.”


Other changes and features are the implementation of the Panasonic V-Log function to vo_opengl, screenshots support for the “–hwdec=d3d11va” parameter, along with deprecation of the “–heartbeat-cmd” and “–softvol” options.

Note: Running MPV with different versions of the FFmpeg/Libav libraries than it was compiled with is no longer supported. Even supposedly ABI-compatible versions have been a source of trouble, and it creates far too much complexity with little to no benefit, coupled with absurd and unusable FFmpeg
API artifacts.

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