The Last RC of The Linux Kernel 4.7 to be Launched on July 24

Linus Torvalds is really passionate about Linux and has spent the better part of his life working on making the platform reach unbelievable heights.

For quite some time now, Mr Torvalds and his team have been tirelessly working on the next release candidate of Linux Kernel version 4.7.

Version 4.6 of the Kernel has already been released to the general public and we are seeing Linux distributions already taking advantage of the immense technologies it provides and now according to Linux Torvalds version 4.7, release candidate seventh is now available to the general public.
Linux Kernel

With everything looking calm during the coding and compelling process, aside from the very few regression experienced by last Release Candidate (RC) for Linux kernel 4.7, many were hoping that the final release will be announced soon.
Unfortunately, Mr Torvalds will be travelling in the coming days and have decided to make the announcement one week later, on July 24, 2016.


“We’ve had a nicely calm week, which is what I expected – the last RC really was bigger just due to random timing issues, and not some worrying pattern about this release cycle,” said Linus Torvalds in today’s announcement. “Anyway, there’re a couple of regressions still being looked at, but unless anything odd happens, this is going to be the last RC. However, due to my travel schedule, I won’t be doing the final 4.7 next weekend.”

Some new interesting features coming to this version of the Linux Kernel include the addition of the usually updated drivers for things like sound, networking, gpio, etc.hardware architecture fixes, core kernel improvements, small networking stack changes, and minor enhancements to the eCryptfs enterprise cryptographic filesystem.

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