Most of the time when the question of the best code editors for Linux is raised people don’t mention Komodo Edit. Whether it is because they aren’t familiar with the IDE or because they just prefer other IDEs, we don’t know, but trust us when we say that Komodo Edit is among the top 4 in that list.

Komodo Edit is an open source code editor. It’s actually a less featured and free and open source part of the premium Komodo IDE. Unlike Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit doesn’t try to be an IDE but it focuses on code and text editing.

Komodo Edit Features

Here are some of the main Komodo Edit features (to mention a few):

  • Multiple language support
  • Tracking changes
  • Markdown support
  • Auto-complete
  • Toolbox
  • Project manager
  • Skins and icons

Installing Komodo Edit 10 in Ubuntu 16.04 And Linux Mint 18

We will be using PPA to install Komodo Edit and the commands should work just as well for earlier Ubuntu and Linux Mint versions.

Enter the following commands into your terminal one by one and hit enter after each line:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mystic-mirage/komodo-edit
sudo apt update
sudo apt install komodo-edit

If you don’t want to use PPA then you can get the .deb executables from the Komodo Edit website.

Once the IDE is installed, search for Komodo Edit in Unity Dash (we assume Ubuntu Unity is what you use). If however, you are using Ubuntu 16.04, you might not see Komodo Edit in Unity Dash just yet until you log out and log in again of your system.

Komodo Edit in Ubuntu

See what Komodo Edit looks like running on Ubuntu 16.04:

Komodo Edit in Ubuntu 16.04

If you used the command lie PPA to install Komodo Edit then you can also use also use it to uninstall the application with the following commands:

sudo apt remove komodo-edit
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:mystic-mirage/komodo-edit

We hope this quick tutorial has been helpful. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any questions or suggestions and stay tuned to Ubuntu Next for more guides and Linux news.

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