New Version of Vivaldi Web Browser Brings in Much Needed Tab Hibernation

The development team behind the Vivaldi browser have been spending quite a huge amount of time polishing the cross platform-free and open-source web browser.

According to a recent post by Vivaldi’s Magnus Peter Langeland, the version 1.3.534.3 of the browser have received over 70 new fixes and improvements and some of it includes well crafted features for those running it on any of the supported Linux-based operating systems.

Prominent among these features is the implementation and improvement of tab hibernation when users are running the new version of the web browser on any supported Linux Distro.

The browser which is based on the latest Chromium 52, Vivaldi Snapshot 1.3.534.3 will cater for a new Hibernation option that allows users to be able to hibernate tabs while the web browser is in full swing. The technic works by keeping almost all idle tabs that the user isn’t using in a “Hibernation state” thereby free up much-needed system memory.

“Good news for Linux users! You can now hibernate tabs while the browser is running,” said Magnus Peter Langeland. “Choose Hibernate Tab to hibernate the selected tab or Hibernate Background Tabs to hibernate all other tabs in the window. Oh and remember, you cannot hibernate a tab while you are viewing its contents.”

The option can be easily accessed and available via the tab right-click context menu.

Other important changes include extra mouse gestures – optimised to be fluid and smooth during operating – better and improved search engine options, a new privacy option for WebRTC and much more.

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