Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 to Arrive on Wednesday Brings New Features and Improvements

Like we have been saying for the past months, Canonical is really looking to build a strong comprehensive tech universe where all its projects can interrelate within a single framework.

The launch of Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, as well as the BQ Aquarius Ubuntu Edition, really did drove the Ubuntu Touch mobile platform into full swing and Canonical isn’t letting up as the company prepares to launch the OTA-12 and some really interesting features coming to OTA- 13.

According to Canonical’s Lukasz Zemczak, the testing phase for the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 software update which is almost over and everything is looking good at the moment. There were no blockers observed and codes merged perfectly with the devices they have been tested on.


The update is expected to land on all supported Ubuntu Devices in a phased-out distribution process starting on Wednesday, July 20.

“We expect a new device tarball re-spin for turbo and maybe one small custom tarball re-spin for frieza/cooler this week, but those should not affect our schedule. If everything continues as well as now we should be able to start phasing out the update Wednesday next week,” said Łukasz Zemczak, Canonical Foundations.

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Ubuntu Touch has greatly improved since it was launched with BQ 4.5 and we hope that OTA-12 fixes some of the annoying bugs. One, for example, is the frequent crashes of the browser when closing multiple tabs as well as much needed stability improvements which is valuable to much users.

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