GIMP Image Software Receives Its First Update In Eight Months

GIMP is widely used open source image manipulation software found on almost any GNU/Linux operating system as the default session for users who like retouching, reshaping or adding more fun to their pictures.

The team behind the development and maintenance of the platform have been quite for the number of months but it has come to our attention that a new version of the software is on it’s way.

GIMP 2.9.2 was released about eight months ago and since then, the software – which is featured everywhere from Linux, Windows to Mac– have been working flawlessly with little or no reported bugs or annoyances.


Version 2.9.4 of GIMP has arrived and with has a long list of changes to key components as well as additional new features geared towards improving software stability and user experience.

Here is a list of some of the changes and features:

– add new GimpColorTransform object to create abstraction from LittleCMS
– now color-managed: – layer/image/color palette/gradient/pattern previews – Color Picker tool – color buttons of GimpColorHistory – GimpFgBgEditor, as used e.g. in the toolbox – color selectors – DND widget – painting tools – copying layers/paste buffer between images – Colors applied to images – GimpColorPanel and its color dialog (color widgets in dialogs) – color areas created from menu actions
– improve the naming of generated ICC profiles
– add a shortcut to the profile chooser dialog on OS X too
– don’t let display color management settings affect file import
– enable color management when a profile is assigned to the image
– enable color management when the image is converted from/to grayscale
– pass the right color profile around in gimp_selection_float()
– hardcode the CMYK selector’s conversion parameters, as well as

For a full overview, visit the official website here

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