Solus Linux is now a rolling release

Solus is the somewhat new Linux distro on the block given that its first stable version was released last year December. But even before aforementioned release, Solus had gathered a dedicated fan following which doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. It is even being thought of as the presently most beautiful Linux available and they just announced that they have become a rolling distro.

A Little History of Solus

For those of you who might be hearing about Solus for the first time, it is a relatively new Linux distro that first appeared in the Linux scene in 2011 when it was based on Debian and had the name SolusO. It was placed as a custom build of Debian with Gnome but the OS, after seeing several releases was shuttered in 2013 by Ikey Doherty, its creator, after several attempts were made to forcibly take the project away from him.

Ikey decided to restart the project in 2014 under the name of EvolveOS but the UK government barred him from using that name and their reason was that people could confuse the OS in the title with the Ordnance Survey. Ikey and his team decided to replace the name with the Solus Project in the face of legal action.

What Solus Is

Solus is a Linux distro that is written from scratch! You read that right. It has its own desktop environment named Budgie (a shorter version for Budgerigar, a specific kind of parrot). Budgie is designed to be lightweight and it integrates into the GNOME stack.

In this week in Solus’s newsletter (This Week in Solus), Joshua Strobl announced that Solus would become a rolling release:

“We’re really good at keeping things stable and really bad at not being a rolling release. So effective immediately, Solus now follows a rolling release model.”

Ikey told Softpedia in an interview that the decision was made for the benefit of creating an avenue to deliver updates to users quickly. Saying,

“Yeah, we gave in eventually. We’ve been in denial about it for a long time but you know, we’re more rolling than static, so now we’re embracing it fully.”

Many people prefer rolling releases to scheduled releases. What do you prefer? The comments section is dow below.

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