See How To Install Slack On Linux Along With Two Other Open Source Apps

Install and use Slack in Linux

One of the top messaging services for teams right now is Slack. may people use it at work to communicate among themselves. We will be showing you below the various ways you can install and use Slack in Linux.

If you are wondering why we don’t just run Slack from within our browser tab, it’s because it’s nicer to have the app running in a separate app -that way it will be easier to switch to and from it, and it will not be open eve after you close your browser.

Slack is The Official Client for Linux:

Slack now offers a native app for Linux, and even though it is still in beta, it works smoothly and you can easily have it installed. It includes all the features that you would expect such a native client will have, including auto-login, options to change teams, desktop notification etc.

There are Ubuntu (.deb) 32 bit and 64 bit and Fedora (.rpm) for 64 bit system binaries available and you can download them from Slack’s download page.

There are also two open source clients for Slack with options to add multiple instant messaging applications and email just, in case you would prefer to use some other open source solution.


ScudCloud: Unofficial Slack client for Linux

ScudCloud is an unofficial client for Slack which improves Slack’s integration with the Linux desktop by adding features such as:

  • native system notifications
  • count of unread direct mentions on launcher or system tray
  • channels quicklist (Unity only)
  • optional tray notifications
  • “Close to Tray”

Use the following commands to install ScudCloud on Ubuntu-based systems.

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:rael-gc/scudcloud
echo ttf-mscorefonts-installer msttcorefonts/accepted-mscorefonts-eula select true | sudo debconf-set-selections
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install scudcloud

Install ScudCloud on Arch by searching for AUR for scudcloud.

Install it on Fedora with the command below:

sudo dnf install scudcloud.

You can find more installation instructions on their GitHub page: ScudCloud on GitHub


Rambox: Slack for Linux

Rambox is the second Linux option for Slack. If  Scudcloud and Rambox were pocket knives then Scudcloud would be a single blade folding knife and Rambox the famous Swiss Army knife because Rambox is not limited to Slack as it also supports Facebook Messenger, Inbox, HipChat, FlowDock, WeChat,  Hangouts, WhatsApp, Gmail, TutaNota, Telegram, ChatWork, Grape, Gitter, Steam, Discord, Noysi, Outlook, Mattermost, Hushmail, Office 365, BearyChat, Skype, Sync, Wire, Rocket Chat, Missive, Yahoo Mail,  Dasher, DingTalk, GroupMe, Voxer, and Yahoo Messenger!

You can also sync your Rambox installs across multiple computers, and just Like ScudCloud, it offers support for native notifications and the feature to add custom services that Rambox doesn’t already implement.

You can get Rambox for Windows, Linux and Mac from their website here.

We would like to know your favorite Slack app for Linux, let us know if have you had any experience with any of the above mentioned apps.

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