Intel Open Sources SGX For Linux To Protect Your Data

Intel’s SGX technology provides programmers with the ability to keep their code safe by locking the data inside CPU-enforced containers. Via this method, users can preserve the confidentiality of sensitive data and also deliver software applications and updates a lot more safely.

What’s interesting is that code and data are put behind curtains that processors will not have access to with root permissions when SGX is running on the machine. Intel said that “at its root, Intel SGX is a set of new CPU instructions that can be used by applications to set aside private regions of code and data.”



During the month of April earlier this year, Intel made a promise to open source its SGX technology for Linux and now they have fulfilled it by releasing the code on GitHub.

The Linux SGX implementation includes the SGX driver, the SGX Platform Software, and the SGX SDK. The Intel SGX SDK is basically a collection of APIs, sample source code, documentation, tools, and libraries and a developer can use them to create and play with SGX-enabled programs written in C/C++.

Presently, this release is in an extremely early stage and thus has support for only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 64-bit versions. The hardware requirements include 6th Generation Intel Core processors with an SGX-enabled BIOS.

If you feel you are interested in Intel’s SGX technology you can read more about it here. And while you are doing that don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments section. Stay tuned to Ubuntu Next.

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