Top 5 GNOME Shell Extensions for Ubuntu


GNOME Extensions: A Quick Recap

The famous GNOME 3 (commonly utilized with the GNOME Shell) has an extension framework with which developers (and users alike) can build on, extend, and shape how the look and functions of the desktop.

The Best GNOME Shell Extensions

1.- Dash to Dock

dash to dock

Dash to Dock takes the GNOME Dash as it has a ‘favorites bar’ that appears on the left-hand side of the screen in the Activities overlay and transforms it into a desktop dock.

And users can add app launchers, rearrange them, and use them to minimize, restore and switch between applications just like in Docky, AWN or Plank.

It comes with many of the common “Dock” features users would expect including autohide and intellihide, adjustable icon size, a fixed-width mode, and custom themes. Dash to Dock on GNOME Extensions

2. Top Icons

top icons plus


TopIcons Plus is the quick way to put GNOME system tray icons back where they belong: on show and in reach.

The extension moves icons that are usually on the legacy tray from the bottom left of Gnome Shell to the right-hand side of the top panel. With this you can adjust icon opacity, color, size, padding, and tray position.

TopIcons Plus on GNOME Extensions

3. Caffeine


Caffeine GNOME extension is the extension that keeps your computer awake. It is extremly easy to use because all you need is a click on the empty mug icon. An empty cup sigifies that you are using normal auto suspend rules – e.g. a screensaver, and a freshly brewed cup of coffee means screensaver and auto suspend are turned off.

The Caffeine GNOME extension all versions from 3.4 and below and you can get Caffeine on GNOME Extensions now.

4. Drop Down Termial

You will be even more appealed if you are familiar with apps like Tilda ad Guake and the icon can be changed to any key you wish. Drop Down Terminal on GNOME Extensions

5. Top Panel Workspace Scroll

This is the perfect tool with which you can speed up your workspaces because it allows you t quickly switch between workspaces by just scrolling over the top panel.

We hope we mentioned your favorite extension. Let us know if we didn’t in the comments section down below.

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