Vivaldi For Linux Now Supports Tab Hibernation

Good news power users, there is now an available snapshot of the new Vivaldi for download -the shocking news is: Yahoo has been set to its default search engine! Who would have thought?

Vivaldi browser

Such a move will thrill none of the Vivaldi fans that we know of, talkless of all the Google search engine fans out there. Thankfully, though, the Vivaldi development team issued a statement that the switch to the Yahoo search engine is simply a test with hopes of getting user feedback.

That notwithstanding, the option to switch back to the browser’s previous default search engine (Bing), or to set a completely different one (say, the awesome DuckDuckGo) as the default search engine is far from difficult -just head over to the settings menu and switch things up.

Packaged together with a few other miscellaneous changes that this milestone brings to the table including added mouse gestures and an option to disable WebRTC, is a noteworthy addition for Linux users: tab hibernation.

Tab Hibernation in Vivaldi

Vivaldi explained in a blog post of theirs that “Tab Hibernation places tabs you don’t use into hibernation and frees up system resources”.

Setting the new feature up is easy as all you will have to do is right-click on the tab you would like to hibernate and select “Hibernate Tab”. If you would like to hibernate all other tabs currently open except the one you’re presently viewing then just select “Hibernate All Tabs”. Tabs will refresh automatically as soon as you switch back to them.

You can download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.3.534.3 (64bit) or download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.3.534.3 (32bit) fro their respective links.

What do you think about Vivaldi’s search engine test? And are you happy about the new built-in tab hibernation feature? Drop your comments down below.

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