Uruk (pronounced oorook) is an OS that is neither a Debian nor an Arch derivative but is one which is built with its foundation on the Trisquel GNU/Linux core and is completely eye candy.

It was co-started by Ali Miracle, a blind computer scientist ad Iraqi Linux enthusiast who has contributed to a number of open source projects of which include Trisquel GNU/Linux. The other developer of Uruk Linux is Hyder of Masalla Icon theme.

Uruk is a GNU/Linux is part of Uruk Project and it was started with the one aim of simplicity in mind.

Uruk GNU/Linux

Because Uruk is not based on any major parent distro it has a choice for freedom with its implementation and the developers sure know what they are doing.

Package Managers Simulator

One major feature Uruk has is its package management system. A user can use any package management system of his choice – DNF, zypper, apt-get – all can be used in the installation (and uninstallation) of packages. Just imagine the degree of flexibility that Uruk GNU/Linux will give its users.

But “what about conflicts using multiple package managers will cause?”, I can hear you ask; here’s the kicker.

Uruk GNU/Linux simulates all the package managers and translates the popular package manager commands using its own central manager and it also has a Synaptic package manager for those who would prefer driving on that lane!

Synaptic on Uruk GNU/Linux

Straight Out of The Box

The GNU/Linux Uruk comes with a good list of preinstalled software and the Mate desktop environment. Despite the fact that this is its first release, we got quite a consistent performance out of it. It’s fast, it’s light, and it’s smart.

Uruk GNU/Linux pre installed apps

The Uruk GNU/Linux developers are based in Iraq so maybe that’s why it has little content in Arabic in the calendar, even in the English version.


Uruk’s developers have both home and small business users as their target, and we would like to specifically suggest it to our Arabic speaking friends as they might feel more native with it.

Uruk GNU/Linux is every bit of the OS its developers claim it to be -it is highly customizable and swift. It even raises the question of whether Package Mangement could be made simpler and this is just the first release!

You can grab a copy of Uruk GNU/Linux here, test it, and let us know what you think about the innovative Package Managers Simulator. Would you like to see it in more distros? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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