Watch These Ubuntu Tablet Videos To Know Why Unity 8 Should Excite You

Most of you (the readers) must know what Unity 8 is. You know what it is going to roughly look like when it is out for everyone to use and you know the problems the latest version is trying to solve.

But as well know, there isn’t that much fun is simply knowing what things will be like when they are all done – it leaves a lot to the imagination because it is a bit too static. Yes, it gives a wonderful feeling to know that applications built with adaptive page layouts will work intelligently across multiple platforms – but that does a little to impress which is the exact reason this video (even though quite short) of a timer app built for Ubuntu Touch ably behaves.

Firstly, the demo is being done on the Bq M10 tablet — a device that, thanks to an undercooked OTA, so-so hardware, and pitiful public demonstrations, didn’t have the easiest of debuts.

To see apps and interface elements running smoothly on this device is a definite relief. Recent over-the-air updates have helped patch up and fill in much of what disappointed early buyers.

Secondly, it is a great sight -the fact that developers are working to make application convergence (i.e. apps that work even in ‘desktop mode’) a reality.

The video below also shows the same app being demoed together with its keyboard support:

What do you think about convergence in general and Unity 8 as a stepping stone in the positive direction? Pen down your thoughts in the comments section below.


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