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Have you ever heard of Stormcloud? Yes, that weather app that was abandoned by its developer due to real-life commitments (and frequent bouts of Yahoo! Weather API breakages). Even the community-based fork, Typhoon, that was a spin-off from the code also came crashing down. Now the application has been “reincarnated” and this time around it is called Cumulus.



Daryl Bennett, the Cumulus’ developer, shareed in an email from earlier this week that he had helped to resurrect the weather app:

“After reading your article on what happened to Stormcloud I was inspired to breath new life into it. With the help of Adrian Verban we have done exactly that. We are working on some package distribution methods but the app is fully functional.”

Cumulus is already available to download and it works just as well as its predecessors did. It is a simple weather application with a clean aesthetic and an eye candy font whose forecasts are powered by the latest Yahoo! Weather API.

If you never got to use Stormcloud or Typhoon then it’s a good time to be alive. Cumulus has a bold, clean design that makes heavy use of weather icons, displays current wind speed and humidity, and puts a 5-day forecast with expected highs and lows on show -apart from being extremely user friendly.

cumulus weather app

Configuring an application couldn’t possibly get any simpler too. Just open the app, click the ‘cog’ icon to open the setting pane, and then configure things to your taste.

cumulus weather app settings

You will be able to:

  • Adjust opacity
  • Choose temperature (celsius, Fahrenheit, or kelvin)
  • Pick a wind speed unit (miles per hour, kilometer per hour, or meters per second)
  • Set a custom background color
  • Set a location
  • Toggle Unity Launcher badge

A Few Bugs

We experienced some opacity issues, dead links, broken support pages, and credits panel that credits the old developers. Plus – the fact that the window cannot be resized will definitely annoy some users.

Download The Cumulus Weather App for Ubuntu

Feel free to grab a .deb installer directly from the GitHub page. According to the developers, both a Snap package and a PPA might follow — so stay tuned and you’ll be covered.

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