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ONLYOFFICE is an ideal open source application that allows users work together on documents and the development team just recently announced a new release that brings many new features to facilitate a more efficient document co-authoring.

ONLYOFFICE has tons of features with which a set of productivity tools for managing documents, emails, projects, events and client relations have been integrated. Users are at liberty to select the tools they need to work with while they disable the others.


The office suite (ONLYOFFICE Document Server 4.0.0) received most of the changes:

  • two ways to collaborate on documents: Fast (like in Google Docs) and Strict (when the changes appear after saving only);
  • commenting,
  • integrated chat,
  • version history,
  • reviewing and tracking changes.

and the developers have updated the productivity suite (ONLYOFFICE Community Server 8.9.0) by adding:

  • mail and calendar integration,
  • mail auto-reply,
  • personal address book,
  • review access rights to documents.


Since the latest released version you can use the official Docker script to install the whole ONLYOFFICE system: Document Server and Community Server. This allows you to simplify the installation process and reduce the number of dependencies to be installed to one single dependency – Docker 1.10. or later.

If you want to check the installed Docker version then use the command:

docker version

To install ONLYOFFICE, download the installation script from the link below:

wget http://download.onlyoffice.com/install/opensource-install.sh

and then start the installation process with the command which will download the official Docker image with all the dependencies :

sudo bash opensource-install.sh -ims false


Open up your web browser that has your Docker image running and enter your IP address. As soon as the initialization process is complete enter a password on the Welcome page – its confirmation and the email address you will like to use to access your web office the next time.


Let the Co-Authoring Begin

Open the My Documents folder by clicking the Documents link in the middle of the screen.


Select a document to co-author. You can create a new document/spreadsheet/presentation, upload an existing one from your PC or connect any popular storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, ownCloud, etc., and choose to work with a file stored there.


Edit and grant access to your document to others; use the share button to the right if you are in the My Documents folder, or follow File >> Access Rights – from inside your document.


Click the People outside portal link on the left, open the access to the document, and give full access to it by enabling the Full Access radio button. If you don’t wish your document to be actually edited, enable the Review radio button.


Finally, share the link to your document in any available way.

Once the invitee follows the link and starts editing your document, you will see his/her edits in real time – just like in Google Docs.


And you can hide the other’s changes and even yours by switching to the Strict co-editing mode. Just follow File >> Advanced Settings … >> Co-editing modes >> Strict – and accept the changes.


You can interact with co-authors in real time by using the built-in chat at the left-side bar. All the current users will be listed on the Chat panel.


Use the Add comment option from the context menu to comment on a text passage.


Follow File >> Version History if you want to track changes made by others. And go back to the My Documents, select the document you need, open the version history using the corresponding option from the context menu if you need to recover one of the previous version


That’s all you need to know to co-author a document in ONLYOFFICE.


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